4th Shoulder surgery is a Total Replacement

I started therapy at the ATI Center at Boiling Springs, SC fully aware of what was ahead of me with my 4th surgery. Dorothy Russel is the Director and my therapist at Boiling Springs. She has been the most positive, thorough and motivational therapist I have had. She listens attentively, and has helped me keep my technique accurate, constantly giving me new exercises to promote healing and increase my range of motion. Her communication skills are excellent, giving me goals, motivation and a clear path of how to reach my expectations. This is a relationship of trust. I have to follow her recommendations, trust her skills as she takes me forward into progress, and she has to listen to my expectations and guide me. My future is a joint effort between Dorothy Russel and myself. Its hard work, exhausting and requires pushing through some difficult moments. I trust her to guide me and push me.

Submitted by Keith Lowrey on Wednesday, Jul 12, 2017

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